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So now is about school again. I have upset about one subject, it's Indonesia Language(IL). This subject got me so urgh. Not the hard one tho, but the trapping one. So I have about 2 theory test, and it makes my brain going to spill out.
So that theories test are the essay, so I must be calm because if essay it can't be absolutely wrong, I mean I thought that the teacher must give me some score if It's related a bit. But ABSOLUTELY NO with this things.
I'm absolutely surprised when I got my result. Then I go to her and tell her that there is one number that got no checked and she said that she thought it was not an answer (it was my fault because I put the answer on the side of the question, while the other on the bottom of the question). When we're discussing that number, word each word must be exactly the same with her opinion, and ya you can imagine it. I'm trying to pretend that my answer is true(well there just one word that different) and TADA. But It was…