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Indonesia Interview With Aayush Shah, "Ashwathama in Mahabharat" " "I want to make a production house"

SO, first thing we think about Aayush Shah is must be Ashwathama in Mahabharat becuase it's first Indian drama, then becomed booming, Bollywood.
Jadi, pertama yang kita fikir tentang Aayush Shah pasti tidak lain yaitu Ashwathama di Mahabharat karena itulah drama India yang kemudian booming Bollywood. 

I interviewed him last night on Whats-app, cool righ haha? :D . I started interview him on 11.17 pm Indonesian Time (WIB)
Saya mewawancarainya kemarin malam di WA, keren bukan wkwk? :D . Saya mulai mewawancarainya jam 11.17 malam waktu Indonesia(WIB)

Ok check it out
Ok langsung saja ya...

Aayush Shah has complete name, it is Aayush Ashit shah, and Aayush means one with long life. He was born on 31st October 1995 at Mumbai, India. He was school from the scholar high school till 10th grade. Now he is studying at college, it's JAI HIND college. He's been studying art take majors in philosophy and political science, he is took political science because he is has interest in politic…