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Oh yeah, so next Monday it's PAS, before that I want to express my gratitude trough my writing. So last Thursday I completed my memorization Al-Hadid, Al Araf and others!

While all of my friends pass memorization, just me that still stuck on that stuff. So at the first week my tears burst out, well I know that crying won't solve my problem instead make me more trembling.
Trembling? Why? It can be my trauma about PAI teacher on elementary/ The more I read in the classroom, the more my head gonna explode, I thought that "OMG, Well I'm not that stupid! Why can't you memorize that? It's not a big deal!"in my heart.

My first week, I gave up and won't read anymore. Well, guess what? On the second week, there are 2 surahs that must be memorized. I was trembling again. Phew, I can pass 2 surahs from 3 surahs.
So on that day I stressed out and decide to work hard to memorize these. So on the next day, I was planning to submit all of my debt, so I won't got…