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Life is like a game. You can choose the bad side either good side. It's up to you, it said. We know that we can't just let life just being a gambling game, waiting for luck. No. Will you gonna wait for a chance or make a chance? Do we let out destiny be or make our destiny better? Again, it depends on you!

Here my story. Oh, I don't know how much times I wrote about the same story, I am sorry haha.

So as what I told you on my recent post, I'm schooling at SMAN 1 Malang and at first I'm crying, and my first year I'm being lazy and lazier, because I feel don't match up with this school. Strict school; especially the rules! I don't cause if that was destiny or fate. I just... I just... can't believe that.

So here I am in my first two-year posts I guess. As you know too(Of course if you have read all of my stories) I've joined KIR (Karya Ilmiah Remaja). In my first year, I was... god! In my mind, I'm just.... Recently I mumbling about my last ye…