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Oh i don't know guys this will be another super random things in this blog that i'm feeling sick although I thought have good food and supplement but my body was down, my motivation, everything. I don't know how to cheer up but right now I'm so lazy. God please help me. I've been messed up my own schedule, please god help me.

Okay now I'm promising to my self, JUST DO IT!!! Remind you that this is not endorsement guys, but if you want me endorse your product call me hahaha. Oh i don't know how to say it, please god reduce my laziness to study and do some productive stuff and stop proscratinating that surely will broke my future. I don't want broke my own future, who want?

And I broke my promise to not joining competition so that i can focus to study study and study but things changes, the promotion of the competition this year is so upsetting because it's way much better than last 2 years grrr.

I got much of dream in my brain, can be i want to be pe…